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Create Art

Speak Up

Make Calls



CREATE ART-  For those of you with creative minds and special talents, there are opportunities to contribute your skills directly to the Parks.  Musicians are needed for entertainment, visual artists and writers are needed for their talents, and other artists like photographers have their opportunities as well. The Artist in Residence program is worth looking into if this is up your alley. â€‹Additionally, use your talent to draw attention to the National Parks, let the parks inspire you to create something wonderful to share with the world.

SPEAK UP-  You have a voice, use it!  Learn what issues are important for our public lands and National Parks,  Stay updated on ways to support those efforts and get involved.  Be educated about policies that are in place already, or that may threaten our National Parks.  Some are open for public comment and calls to action, and your voice needs to heard.

​MAKE CALLS-   Regardless of your political views, you can always reach out to your elected officials to voice your opinion.  Let your politicians know your support for National Parks.  Make sure you are supporting policies that help protect our Parks, and that your representatives are aware of your support.  Legislation and budgets are put in place, so make calls to help support the Parks you cherish.